Good old Usenet

Maybe most of the internet users nowadays do not even know what Usenet is or maybe they just think that Usenet is the place where they can download illegal movies and songs. But Usenet is more than that, it’s a magical place where you can meet fantastic people and where you can discuss about almost any topic. It’s a sort of completely free forum.

But it is also very different from a forum because nobody owns Usenet. When you post a message, the message is transmitted in real time to all the Usenet servers in the World and anyone can read your message, notwithstanding which server they are using. It’s like a centric system, where any kind of content is shared in real time between each node or server of the system.

I find Usenet extremely fascinating. There is complete anonymity, something different from the nowadays times where everyone has to use his real name on Facebook or Google Plus. It’s different from other systems, because there is no censorship, nobody can control what you post and share and there are no admins managing the community. It’s big because there are thousands of groups, each one of them dedicated to different topics.

Sure, Usenet nowadays is not used in the same way it was used several years ago. Unfortunately, most of the users go on Usenet to download TV Shows and movies. But lucky for me there are still many users online who enjoy a good discussion! I usually read comic books’ groups, such as rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe or the Italian it.arti.fumetti. It’s always a pleasure to meet new people!

In some way, Usenet gives me the good vibes that I used to get in the good old times, when I was having fun connecting to local BBS in my own city, meeting people and discussing about interesting stuff.

I love Usenet. If you have never tried it, you should really check it out. has a good offer. I just purchased 10GB of traffic for just two bucks, super cheap!

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Una risposta a Good old Usenet

  1. BDB ha detto:

    Ah, the good old days of Usenet! Thanks for recalling them, dude, and for the tips in ‘re-living’ them of course! 🙂



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